Kristine Sorensen

Health literacy for all

Together, let's create

health literate

- societies

- policies

- strategies

- actions

- design

I am Kristine Sørensen. I am committed to advance the global scale and scope of health literacy to improve quality of life for all. As a world-known thought leader and trailblazer in health literacy, I love working with enthusiastic and dedicated people all over the world to create health literate societies.

Get in touch if you are keen to: 

​- become a health literacy trailblazer

- improve health literacy in your organization or community

- develop a strategic response to health literacy

- integrate health literacy design thinking

- learn more about health literacy capacity building.

I can support you with

- public speaking such as keynotes, moderation and panel discussion

- workshops

- advice and consultancy

- research tasks

- strategic development 

Health literacy 

entails the motivation, knowledge and competency to access, understand, appraise and apply information to make decisions regarding healthcare, disease prevention and health promotion in everyday life to promote and maintain quality of life during the life course.