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Become a health literacy champion!

A health literacy champion is a person or an organization that enthusiastically and relentlessly defends and fights for the cause of health literacy to the benefit of people and societies at large.


Kristine Sørensen


Engage with heart and mind to build health literacy capacity, strategy and policy which leaves no one behind.

I am Kristine Sørensen.

I am pleased to share my free health literacy champion tips on how to accelerate health and wellbeing for all.

Meet Kristine Sørensen

I am a passionate health literacy trailblazer, global expert and trusted advisor. 

Health literacy entails the knowledge, motivation, and competencies of people to access, understand, appraise and apply information to manage health in everyday life regarding health care, disease prevention and health promotion to maintain and promote quality of life during the life course.

However, the overwhelming amount of health information and bureaucracy means that many are feeling lost. Our research shows that health literacy is a neglected human and public health challenge.

Investment in health literacy saves time, money and lives.

We need a radical change to empower people by designing health literate policies, services and systems. In response, I founded the Global Health Literacy Academy to help organizations making a difference through capacity building, strategic insights, policy advice, and public speaking.

Together we can improve health literacy and accelerate health and wellbeing for all. 




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