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Health literacy matters

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Health Literacy Powerhouse

Join the inspiring leadership forum for shapers of health literacy. Limited seats available for the upcoming Health Literacy Powerhouse 6-7 June 2024 in Copenhagen, Denmark


Health literacy by design?

Check out the opportunities


Health Literacy Trailblazer

Health Literacy Trailblazer is my premium programme. It is for leaders who are health literacy champions and want to develop and implement health literacy by design within and beyond their company, organization or community. 


Health literacy support 1:1

Get in touch for an offer, if you or your organization want my support and insights to do a health literacy by design sprint or conduct a specific task. 


Health Literacy Powerhouse

Health Literacy Powerhouse is a two-day mastermind for health literacy champions who want to push health literacy by design to the next level. You meet like-minded people and gain a load of inspiration and tools to become the changemaker you want to be.


Health literacy advocacy

Do you want me as speaker in your next event? Reach out to me with a proposal. I'm keen to get engaged and support your work. 

Be a health literacy champion

A health literacy champion is a person or an organization that enthusiastically and relentlessly defends and fights for the cause of health literacy to the benefit of people and societies at large.

- Kristine Sørensen

Meet Kristine Sørensen

I am a passionate health literacy trailblazer, global expert and trusted advisor. 

Health literacy entails the knowledge, motivation, and competencies of people to access, understand, appraise and apply information to manage health in everyday life regarding health care, disease prevention and health promotion to maintain and promote quality of life during the life course.

Health literacy also reflects the response of governments, organizations and companies to provide easy accessible, understandable, and applicable information, products, services and resources to the people they serve.

Research shows that health literacy limitations is a public health challenge, we can't neglect. 

Investment in health literacy saves time, money and lives.

We need a radical change in the way we maintain and promote health and well-being for people and planet. Therefore, my mission is to empower leaders to create health literacy by design.


Trusted advisor


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