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European Public Health

Kristine Sørensen is leading the summer school and semester course "European public health in a globalised world" organised by the Centre of European Public Health at Maastricht University.

Health literacy lectures, workshops and conferences

Bridging the gap of inequality: advancing health literacy in the 21st century is a health literacy course organised by Centre of European Public Health at Maastricht University and Kristine Sørensen. She is a recognised speaker and educator on health literacy. She speaks in lectures, master classes, workshops, seminars, and conferences worldwide. Furthermore, the Global Health Literacy Academy was founded by Kristine Sørensen in 2015.

Mentorship, coaching and supervision

Kristine Sørensen has more than two decade's experience in skills training and coaching. She can also be engaged in personal development as mentor or for research projects as supervisor.

Health literate organisational development

Kristine Sørensen has actively promoted health literacy in organisations. She was part of the Joint Venture that developed Business Actions on Health Literacy. She has an extensive experience with non-governmental organisations' strategic development.

"I loved it. Each class was a pleasure to attend and I really appreciated the real-world applications that were a common theme in everything that we did"

JM, EPH Class 2015

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