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  • The European Health Literacy project took place from 2009-2012. However, the consortium still acts in an advisory capacity to all who is interested in the learnings, the tools and the broader impact of the project.

  • The Diabetes Literacy project takes place from 2012-2015. It focuses on health literacy and efficiency of diabetes self-management programmes.






  • Generally, Kristine Sørensen has conducted research on health literacy in association to e,g, migrants; astma adherence among adolescents; stress; diabetes; manifestation in Europe and Asia, methodology as well as corporate social responsibility. She has furthermore been involved in research concerning European public health and the EU and health inqualities, in particular concering children growing up in poor families.

  • Kristine Sørensen has among others provided consultancy to the following organisations: Council of Europe (Health literacy and citizen's rights to health; WHO Healthy City sub-group on health literacy (Health literate cities); European Federation for Astma, Allergies and Airways diseases EFA (Health literacy and adherence among adolescents with asthma) and WHO Europe (Health literacy and age-friendly environments), AOK in Germany on health literacy and gender; and MSD Inc. on health literacy and cancer literacy. 

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