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Are you ready to systematically, scale up health literacy across and beyond your company or organization? 

Health Literacy Powerhouse is my inspiring leadership forum on how to lead and create health literacy by design with strong engagement and impact. Having experience from working with partners in academia, governments, NGOs and companies around the world, I am now available for health literacy champions who want to learn the same strategies.


Are you in charge of making your organization more health literate? Then, this leadership forum is your chance to systematically develop and grow your health literacy vision, mission and strategy!

Join the Health Literacy Powerhouse where I'll be sharing my health literacy by design blueprint™ and help you tailor it to your specific, strategic needs. 


Health literacy is a new professional skills set and in the Health Literacy Powerhouse we focus on how to sharpen your health literacy leadership skills to enhance the quality of your impact using my health literacy champion quest.

Notably, the Health Literacy Powerhouse is NOT a research course. Instead, the Health Literacy Powerhouse is a forum for leaders who work strategically with the implementation of health literacy policies, programmes, and initiatives.


Nor is the Health Literacy Powerhouse the place for leaders who are not committed to implement the health literacy agenda as a powerful tool for change towards people-centered care, health and well-being. The health literacy by design blueprint only empowers your organization when enacted.

To facilitate deep dive learning, the Health Literacy Powerhouse is specifically intended for a small group of leaders. The intimate setting with a limited number of participants ensures that I can guide you in the best possible way.

The Health Literacy Powerhouse are for leaders who are interested in sustainable development of future health, rather than quick fixes. Health literacy is not implemented over night. Shaping health literacy is not an easy task and it takes patience, curiosity and endurance to pave the way for organizational change which enhances the health of people and the planet.


Do you dare challenge status quo? Joining the Health Literacy Powerhouse helps you build your case and engage more stakeholders in your quest for a health literate organization. Health literacy needs a voice in your organization to gain buy-in from the wider management team, your colleagues, and your partners, and not least the people you serve. The Health Literacy Powerhouse helps you to be this voice!

True champions strive to become better. Consider the Health Literacy Powerhouse a bootcamp where you can focus on your health literacy passion and professionalism to drive better health and well-being for all. 

Health Literacy Powerhouse is hosted in Copenhagen 6-7 June 2024. During the two day exciting forum and the joyful dinner, you'll be nurtured to expand your health literacy horizon and accelerate your strategies and tactics in a design-based environment. Moreover, an accountability call to follow up on your plan is included 3-4 weeks after the event.

Do you believe in the value of well-being economy and regard people-centered health and well-being an asset for sustainable living? The Health Literacy Powerhouse integrates purposeful leadership as a foundation for health literate organizations. 

The Health Literacy Powerhouse is for a limited circle of champions who want to join this meeting of minds. A maximum of ten health literacy champions can now get this opportunity. Sign up to get included in this executive leadership forum and transform your political and strategical influence.

What more will be at the core of the reflexive programme? 

  • Strategic development of health literacy within and beyond your organization.

  • Attention to the detail and the wider scope of health literacy through design of health literate information, services and culture.

  • Implementation with people, for people, and by people to anchor health literacy as an asset for your organization based on  human-centered growth.

What is included? On the top floor of designer hotel  Zoku Copenhagen Copenhagen, you get the chance to bring on new perspectives while being in a hub with like-minded people. This intensive two-day Health Literacy Powerhouse experience includes the programme, lunches, snacks and coffee breaks and a delicious dinner. Just note that accommodation is not included and can be booked separately at hotel Zoku Copenhagen. Registration is valid upon conformation of payment. As a bonus, an online, strategic accountability session is included 3-4 weeks after the event to support your progress.

The Health Literacy Powerhouse is not a forum for everyone. Quoting Steve Jobs, it is for "the crazy ones who believe the world can be changed" and for those who want to show the world how because they can. Are you a gamechanger? Do you love a quest? Then the Health Literacy Powerhouse is relevant for you to step up your game on changing organizations and communities from the inside-out.

The Health Literacy Powerhouse is for leaders who want to change the world for the better, for people around them, for people they serve and for themselves. For leaders and champions who know and believe that health literacy is essential for the quality of cohesive and condusive services and systems.


Face the challenge - be the change. Lead and create health literacy by design!

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